Past Releases
vintage notes & wine tasting notes

Below are the tasting notes and vintage notes of all wines made by our Winemaking Team, led by Winemaker Matt Courtney. 2013 was the first vintage for this team at Arista. The current vintage for the 2022 calendar year is the 2020 vintage. More wines will be added to the below 2020 Vintage once new wines are released in Fall 2022 (August).  

Click on each of the below links to read vintage notes on the first page. Continue scrolling through the information to find each wine's tasting note and recommended peak drinking window for each wine released in that vintage. 

2020 Vintage

2019 Vintage

2018 Vintage

2017 Vintage

2016 Vintage

2015 Vintage

2014 Vintage

2013 Vintage