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Given the handcrafted nature of our wines, most years the demand for new releases outpaces the volume we are able to produce. For this reason we created the A-List, which allows us to most fairly share our wines through our annual allocation release. 

By adding your name and information to the form below, you will be immediately added to the waiting list, for a future spot on the A-List and access to our wines.  

What is the A-List? Each year our wines are offered directly to a passionate, loyal group of enthusiasts on our mailing list – called the A-List.  Members of our mailing list have priority access to an allocation of wines 3 times per year before the wines are offered to the general public. The A-List is not a wine club and there are no auto-shipments or automatic charges to your credit card unless you request to be in an auto-shipment schedule.

Currently the average time for an allocation is approximately 12 months. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we grow our production in a way that does not cut corners or compromise our quality standards. Our annual production will always remain very small, but we are constantly seeking new vineyard sources that meet our standards and allow us to grow to meet the demand of new clients. 

Please check the below "opt into mailing list" box as that tells us you do want to hear from us by email.

If you are already receiving our allocation emails, which gives you first opportunity to secure our wines before they sell out, you are already on the A-List and you do not need to fill out the below form.


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