We are open for outdoor tastings by appointment on our estate. The property looks gorgeous, and more than ever, we are eager to share it with you! There are two different pages to view our reservation options. We divide our reservation options into A-List Member reservations and all other Guest reservations in order to best serve all of our guests. The two biggest differences between the experiences are the wines we offer and the information we discuss in the tastings. Not better or worse, just different points of emphasis!


A-List Members: Please visit the A-List Member Reservations page by clicking the below button and review all your exclusive A-List Member wine tasting experiences available to you. For existing A-List Members that know our story and have visited the estate before, we highlight wines from our current offering and spend more time visiting about specific vineyards or favorite wines.



Those of you not on our mailing list, please visit the Guest Reservations page by clicking the below button. For guests that are not on our list or have not visited us before, we like to give a little more background on the history of the winery and share our approach to growing and making wine. We like to share a broader survey of the regions and vineyards we work with to help give a better understanding of who we are.



Once you review the information online, if you have any further questions, please feel free to call us at 707-473-0606 or email us at Please also review our health guidelines before visiting us.