One of the most prominent features of our estate is the Japanese styled water garden that surrounds our tasting room. Originally designed by renowned Japanese Landscape Architect Harry Sumigawa in the mid-1980’s, the gardens incorporate the natural terrain and landscape as well as integrate traditional Japanese flora. Over the course of a year, Sumigawa designed waterfalls, streams, and ponds in and around the natural rock formation on our estate. The rock formation is Phyllite, a fine-grained metamorphic rock formed by the recrystallization sedimentary rocks, such as clay, mudstones or shales. The rock was pushed up from under the surface by the movement of the tectonic plates millions of years ago. Throughout the year, various ferns, flowers, trees, and bamboo come into bloom creating a brilliant, diverse display of colors and smells. Our guests often comment that the gardens are one of the reasons to come visit us. Of course, the wine and warm and knowledgeable tasting room team gives reason to visit as well. Please feel free to visit the gardens and picnic under our garden pergola on your visit.