The A-List


Each year our wines are offered directly to a passionate, loyal group of enthusiasts on our mailing list – called the A-List.  Members of our mailing list have priority access to an allocation of wines 2-3 times per year before the wines are offered to the general public. 

The A-List is not a wine club and there are no auto-shipments or automatic charges to your credit card. In addition to a secured allocation of our Single Vineyard and Estate wines, A-List members have private access to our Estate Chef and our Food and Wine Experience; something not available to the general public. Further, A-List members receive access to our by invitation-only pickup events and exclusive winery parties during the year.   If you are not currently on the waiting list and would like to join, please click here.

Current members can login to purchase during the allocation season and update profiles. In addition, when logged-in, members have the ability to plan their next visit at Arista and view additional information not available to the public.