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Frequently Asked Questions


Who do I contact for my A-List questions if they are not answered here?

Please contact Arista's A-List Member Concierge, Kim Lapides, at or call the winery at 707.473.0606.

What is the A-List and Waiting List?

Being a member of the A-List means you will have the opportunity to purchase a limited number of bottles in advance of the general public through allocation offerings that are emailed to you. Often these wines offered in the allocation never make it for sale on our online store or in our tasting room. There is currently a waiting list in order to get on the A-List. You can join the Waiting List to get on the A-List by visiting the Arista Tasting Room or signing-up online here. As space becomes available, we will notify you via e-mail that you have been added to the A-List.

Where do I log-in if I have created an online profile? 

Please log-in using this link. There is a "forgot username or password?" link on this page so this information can be emailed to you if needed. You should also see the gray LOGIN link on the top of our website next to our facebook and twitter links.


How do I receive Arista wine once I'm on the A-List?

Once you are added to the A-List you will begin to receive wine allocation offerings via e-mail. For 2015, we will email our members in January, April, August and November for our Holiday Magnum Offering.  Members will be notified by email the exact date in which each allocation opens or members can view our Release Schedule page to save the date for when the opportunity becomes available to start purchasing the allocation wines online.

During the allocation period, you must log-in to our website (using the link provided in the email), which will show your maximum allocation of each wine being offered. Your time on the list and your buying history will begin to move you up the list for increased wine offerings.  Allocations are not guaranteed and are handled on a first come, first serve basis.  We recommend you order as soon as possible to secure your order.  You will always maintain your position on the A-List as long as you continue to purchase wines for each release.  If you skip too many consecutive offerings, we will notify you via e-mail of your pending removal from the list.

If you wait until the later weeks of the allocation to log-in and purchase, wines could be sold out. Please remember A-List Concierge, Kim Lapides, is available to help you secure your allocation by contacting her at or calling her at 707.473.0606. Here are a few tips that have helped members secure their allocation.

  • If you are unable to purchase your allocation the day the allocation opens, you can arrange your order with Kim beforehand and she will place your order for you.
  • For members who would rather place your order over the phone, please contact Kim to ask that she call you when the allocations are announced so you don’t miss the opportunity to place your order.
  • For members who would rather automatically receive your allocation without having to log-in to your account each time, Kim can work with you one time each year to customize shipments based on your preferences. Please contact Kim with this request and she will set this up for you.


How long do I have to place my order?

Each release will have an approximate 4 week window to place your order.  Wines often sell out before the 4 week period, so we encourage you to respond to the offering as soon as possible.


Is the A-List a wine club?

The A-List is not a wine club because we do not automatically charge your credit card on file and ship wine to you. Instead you are given the first opportunity to purchase our limited release wines in the quantities you would like to secure by responding to our allocation announcements.

If having your account set up to receive a yearly allocation without having to log-in to your account each time is appealing, please contact Kim at to customize an automatic shipment based on your preferences.


Do I need to cancel my A-List Membership?

We only suggest removal from the A-list if you no longer want to receive email notifications about our wine releases before wines are released to the general public. Otherwise we do suggest you stay on the list so you can continue to receive email notifications about our wine allocations with no obligation to purchase. If you do not purchase within a designated time period, you will receive a "last chance" buying opportunity before we take you off and make room for Waiting List members.


What is the "FedEx Cold Chain" shipping method listed on the order process?

For the 2015 warm weather season, FedEx Cold Chain starts shipping to southern states on 5/18/15 and northern states on 6/1/15. We recommend shipping using this method when weather across the country exceeds 65 degrees. This shipping method transports and stores your wine (during the evening and weekends) at a stable 55 degree temperature until it reaches one of five hub stations throughout the United States. (The southern route is Dallas, Atlanta and Orlando. The northern route is Chicago and Newark). From the hub, FedEx Overnight Service picks up the shipment for overnight delivery to you. If you ship to a business address, delivery is done before 10:30 AM. If you ship to a home address, delivery is before 12:00 PM. Shipments leave California on a Friday and are delivered to Midwest states by Tuesday and East Coast states by Wednesday.

FedEx rates are based on the distance of the delivery address from the nearest hub. Please be aware that if you live far from one of the above five hubs, this shipping method may not necessarily make sense for you due to the financial cost to ship from the hub to you using FedEx Overnight service. However if you live close to the hub, rates are very similar to UPS Ground shipping rates.


Why do you encourage shipping to a business address?

A business address ensures the wine will be delivered on the first attempt since an adult signature is required to receive wine deliveries. Especially during warmer weather, it is not ideal to have the wine be driven around in a non-temperature controlled truck each day you are not home to sign for your wine. Another added benefit is that business addresses are typically delivered before noon and home addresses are delivered after noon (when using the default shipping carrier of UPS).

We also encourage you to visit the UPS website and find the nearest “UPS Customer Center” near you. You can submit your order to ship directly to a UPS warehouse so your wine is not on the non-temperature controlled truck the day your wine is in route to be delivered to your business or home address. Remember that if you choose not to do this option, your wine can be sitting on the truck from 7 AM to 7 PM! Often the warehouse is conveniently located and their will call hours are open late so you can stop by after work.


Can I access past A-List Newsletters?

Feel free to read our past A-List Newsletters here.


What if I live in a state that you don't ship to?

Regardless of past shipments, we may not be able to ship to your state due to constantly changing laws. If you live in a state that we do not ship to you have several options: you can choose to pick up your wine at the winery or you can set up an account with one of the companies listed below. Doing so will give you a valid California address which will allow you to receive wine shipments from, not only us, but most other wineries in California.


Oeno Vaults
4201 Santa Rosa Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

All Ways Cool
3351 Industrial Dr #1
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

55 Degrees
1210 Church
St. Helena, CA 94574

1890 Bryant Street, Suite 100
San Francisco, CA 94110

States that we currently do not ship to:


If your state is listed above you will need to provide us with an alternate shipping address.
If you would like your wine shipped to Alabama, you will need to provide an ABC store to ship to.